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Student Property Investment

Student property investment has risen in popularity due to the increasing number of students choosing to study at UK universities and as a result, student property investment has become one of the top asset classes in the UK.

Investors from around the globe have been quick to take advantage of the growing demand for high quality student accommodation throughout the UK, with the potential to earn up to 10% in popular student locations including Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow and Newcastle. 

The market has changed in recent years and there have been significant development of PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) which meets the new demands of a market that was once dominated by low quality suburban housing or traditional HMO (House Multiple Occupancy) properties. There has been a major shift in student culture and now students demand a better standard of living from high spec studio apartments and city centre private halls of residence, which has created numerous opportunities for developers and investors alike.

We have created a number of useful resources to help investors to get a better understanding of student property including our guide to investing in student property, student property FAQs and which university towns provide the highest rental returns.

A guide to investing in Student Property

Our guide to investing in student property covers the basics of student property investments, why they make an attractive investment, the different ways to invest in student property and the options for cashing in on your investment.

Student Property FAQs

Our student property FAQs include the most popular questions investors ask about student properyt investment, including why you should invest, how are these investments financed, what are the different types of student property and whether it is a better investment than traditional buy-to-let properties.

Which University towns provide the highest Rental yields

Our guide to student property locations highlights the best areas to invest in student property and which areas have the highest rental yields, including Manchester, London, Bristol, Oxford and Warwick.

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Glossary of Terms

Our glossary of terms contains a comprehensive guide to various property investment related terms to give you a better understanding of the language and terminology used when talking about investing in property.

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