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Buy-to-Let Property Investment

Buy to let property investments are a popular choice with many investors due to the high rental returns that can be achieved with this type of investment. The recent tax changes on buy-to-property income has cast a shadow of this type of asset, however buy-to-let property still offers one of the safest investments, if you choose the right property and the right location.

Rental yields of up to 10% can be achieved in certain areas of the country and with interests rates on savings at an all time low, it is understandable that many investors choose to put their money into buy-to-let property, especially with the potential for long-term capital growth maximising their return on investment.

Our various guides offer expert buy-to-let advice and are perfect for first time investors or experienced investors alike and cover a range of topics including, how to choose the best buy-to-let property, how much rent you should charge and things to consider when becoming a landlord. 

How to choose the best Buy-to-Let property

Our guide on how to choose the best buy-to-let property investment will cover the basics in buy-to-let investing including information on choosing the best area and calculating the return on investment.

How much rent should I charge?

Our guide to how much rent you should charge as a landlord will give you useful tips on buy-to-let property investment including how to conduct market research, calculating rental yields and how it will impact your buy-to-let mortgage.

Things to consider when becoming a landlord

Our guide to 'things to consider when becoming a landlord' will give you indepth advice on researching buy-to-let mortgages, income tax on properties, how to manage cash flow and property management.

Being a landlord - ongoing responsibilities

Our guide to 'being a landlord - ongoing responsibilities' covers all the basic requirements of a landlord as well as information on maintenance and repairs and your tenant obligations.

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Glossary of Terms

Our glossary of terms contains a comprehensive guide to various property investment related terms to give you a better understanding of the language and terminology used when talking about investing in property.

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