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Investment Returns

As an investor, your investment is only as good as the return it generates, but how do you know what the likely return on investment is going to be before you have chosen your investment property? It is essential that an investor calculates the potential return on their investment if their overall portfolio is going to have the greatest chance of success. 

Is it better to focus on short-term rental yields or long term capital growth? Will certain schemes like assured buy back or rental guarantees ensure a better return? These questions are essential to ensuring that you calculate the risk vs reward and that you make the right decision with your next property investment.

We have put together a number of guides on investment returns that will give you a better understanding of how to calculate your property yield and explain how both assured buy back schemes and rental guarantees work in order to help you answer some of these questions.  

Calculating property yields

Our guide to calculating property yields explains the different types of investment yields available, as well as tips on capital growth and how you can calculate the retun on investment from your property.

Assured buy back schemes

Our guide to Assured Buy Back schemes looks at how these schemes work and the risks involved, to help provide investors decide whether assured buy backs are right for their investment.

Assured rental guarantees

Our guide to Assured Rental Guarantees will explain how rental guarantees work on investment properties as well as the risks associated with this type of scheme, helping you decide whether this is right for your investment.

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Glossary of Terms

Our glossary of terms contains a comprehensive guide to various property investment related terms to give you a better understanding of the language and terminology used when talking about investing in property.

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