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Bradford’s Revamp Is Set to Boost The City

Published: 10th May 2016

Bradford’s Revamp Is Set to Boost The City

Bradford is a city like no other. Two thirds of the city is covered in picturesque countryside, that’s juxtaposed against the stunning Victorian architecture of the city centre. Millions of pounds are being invested into the heart of the city centre with the plan of upgrading public spaces. The £35 million City Centre Growth Zone will cover a total of 170 hectares and will offer benefits to businesses and increase the demand of properties in Bradford’s city centre.

With Bradford being renowned for their iconic shopping centres, Forster Square Retail Park has recently been upgraded after the new Broadway Shopping Centre and the nearby Westfield Shopping Centre. Forster Square Retail Park is perfectly situated in the North West of Bradford’s city centre, attracting around 3 million people. Amongst these modifications there will also be a children’s play area with public toilets, a customer service building and a traffic system put in place to reduce traffic. The aim of these changes are to improve links to both the retail park and the city centre, as the retail park will contain some of the city’s biggest stores.

To cater for the increase of people coming to Bradford city centre, a multi-million-pound investment plan has started to be drawn up for Bradford’s Forster Square Railway Station. It is predicted that the redevelopment could result in the number of passengers doubling within the next 14 years, with Virgin trains now offering services to London every few hours as opposed to once a day. The Bradford Station Gateways project is set to improve transportation links to make travelling easier for commuters and those living within the city.

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