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Property Investment in Bradford

At the heart of the governments new Northern Powerhouse project, Bradford has seen considerable growth in its economy in recent years, and the local economy is expected to surpass £9.5 billion in the next 12 months. Far removed from its industrial heritage, Bradford is today a thriving and vibrant city, offering investors strong yields and high levels of capital appreciation due to the lower property prices.

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Bradford is one of England’s largest cities and districts, situated in the centre of northern England and the county of West Yorkshire. Built upon the demand for textiles in the 1800s, Bradford exploded into wealth and industry during the Industrial Revolution.

Today Bradford enjoys a booming tourism trade and benefits from its proximity to Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. The city is also home to the University of Bradford, which is attended by over 16,000 full time students and is currently one of the UK's fastest growing universities.

Leeds is just 10 miles away, whilst Manchester and Liverpool can both be reached by car in less than 90 minutes. The capital cities of Cardiff, Glasgow and London are all around 200 miles from Bradford – giving it an excellent position as a tourist base for exploring Britain. Leeds Bradford International Airport is just a 20 minute drive from Bradford and flies to most major European destinations, whilst the railway stations in the city centre run frequent trains to English, Welsh and Scottish cities.

Home to approximately half a million people, the city of Bradford is second only to London in being both the youngest and fastest growing population in the country. Racial and religious diversity is high in Bradford, with almost half of all Asians in Yorkshire living in Bradford. A White majority of 69.3% is one of the lowest in the country, with an Asian minority of 26.1% one of the highest. With a large student population of over 10,000, investors are attracted to student property investment in Bradford for the great returns they deliver, as well as the constant supply of student tenants.

Internationally, Bradford has most acclaim for being the very first UNESCO City of Film. A strong and historic connection to the arts has led to recognition of the city as a legendary producer and distributer of film. The Bradford International Film Festival and the National Media Museum both draw from this prestige and generate tourist numbers in the thousands. Bradford is also home to the head offices of some of the largest British companies, from Yorkshire Building Society and Hallmark Cards to Morrisons Supermarket.

We offer a wide range of properties for sale in Bradford city centre. With the prices of our properties in Bradford starting from as little as £55,000 for a studio apartment, it's easy to see why Bradford has proven one of the most popular destinations for investors so far in 2016.

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Why Invest In Property In Bradford?

Invest In Bradford

  • Bradford has a big economy worth over £8.3bn, the third largest in the Yorkshire region after Leeds and Sheffield.
  • Economic growth since 2008 has outstripped the regional and national averages.
  • A number of major companies have their headquarters in the district including Morrisons, Yorkshire Building Society, Provident Financial, Hallmark Cards, Pace, Freeman Grattan Holdings and Yorkshire Water. Over 40 large companies are headquartered in the District employing 370,000 people across the UK with a combined turnover of £30billion.
  • Bradford is a Producer City. There are 1300 manufacturing businesses in Bradford employing 24,700 people, accounting for 12.8% of all employees, compared to 9.8% in Great Britain as a whole.
  • Bradford has 2,400 textile manufacturing jobs and a further 9,400 jobs in textile and clothing related industries such as chemicals, distribution and retail, including companies such as Marks and Spencer, Freemans Grattan, Damartex and Christeyns. The concept of 'shopping from home' was pioneered in Bradford by Empire Stores and the city remains the home of Britain's biggest home shopping companies.
  • Bradford is a centre for Digital Technologies with companies such as Pace - the world's number one designer and manufacturer of digital set-top boxes, and Radio Design - award winning world leaders in wireless telecommunications product design. The term "World Wide Web" was first used in a journal published by the Bradford based publisher Emerald.
  • Bradford has a growing population of 522,500 and is the youngest major city in the UK with 22.6% of the population under 16 years of age. The work age population is increasing by 1,700 every year.
  • Bradford University has been named as the number one university for graduate-level employment in Yorkshire and is in the top 20 nationally, as listed by the Sunday Times University Guide 2013.
  • Bradford's broadband speed is the highest of any city in the UK and is set to improve. Bradford is investing heavily in ultrafast broadband, 4G and city centre Wi-Fi to further improve access. 

Little Germany, Bradford city centre

Little Germany

Dating back to the middle of the 19th century, Little Germany is one of Bradfords most picturesque locations, characterised by its imposing Victorian architecture which is now the focus on a major renovation project being driven by the local council. Today, Little Germany is the focus of a number of major new renovation projects, which has seen the old traditional mills converted into modern day apartments, offices and hotels.
Key to the appeal of the Little Germany district is its central location within the city of Bradford, within easy walking distance of the major commercial centres, Little Germany is crucially just over 1 minutes walk from the stunning new £250 million Westfield shopping centre development. Offering residents an opportunity for genuine city centre living, its understandable that Little Germany is today the focus of attention for a number of major national property developers who are looking to capitalise on the increase in demand for apartments in Bradford city centre.
One of Bradford's most busy commercial centres, Little Germany is already home to a number of major employers including the international retail giant, Grattan Holdings. A German-owned home shopping specialist, Grattan's new headquarters in Little Germany employ around 300 staff in a Grade 2 listed former warehouse in the heart of Little Germany. Just a short walk from Little Germany can be found the headquarters of a number of other major employers including Morrisons, Yorkshire Building Society and Santander. It is estimated that over 3,000 people work within the Little Germany district.

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