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Student Property Investment In Chester

Home to over 18,000 full time students, Chester suffers from a considerable structural undersupply of student beds due to the rapid growth in numbers following the granting of university status in 2005. Today, over half of all first year students studying in Chester are unable to secure university accommodation, one of the highest shortfalls in the UK. With the cap on student numbers now being removed, it is likely the demand for student properties in Chester will increase considerable in the years to come. 


A picturesque and historical town in the North West of England, Chester is today home to one of the UK's fastest growing universities. Accelerated by the recent removal of student population caps, the University of Chester has grown from just over 10,000 full time students in 2003, to in excess of 18,000.

The subsequent growth in demand for student accommodation in Chester has resulted in the University being one of only a few universities in the UK not able to guarantee first students accommodation.

Dating back to Roman times (when Chester was known as Deva Victrix), Chester is a picturesque town situated along the banks of the River Dee in the North West of England, just a short drive from Liverpool. In recent years, the town has seen a rapid increase in the number of students attending the University of Chester, and today there are in excess of 18,000 full time students from over 130 countries studying and living within the city.

This chronic shortage of student accommodation in Chester has resulted in the University of Chester being classified as one of the few UK universities unable to guarantee its first year students accommodation. Whilst there have been a number of new PBSA developments launched in recent years, there is still a major structural imbalance between the numbers of university applicants and the overall volume of available student beds within the city. With the new government initiative set to lift restrictions on the number of students the universities are able to enroll (both and overseas), the signs are that this structural imbalance will remain for many years to come.

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