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Why Liverpool Is Attracting Investors?

Published: 13th April 2018

Why Liverpool Is Attracting Investors?

Liverpool has become one of the top locations to invest in property in the UK, due to its dynamic property and business sectors attracting international attention. Liverpool is also an extremely popular city due to its cultural, historical and architectural legacy, alongside its regeneration and up-and coming areas.

Liverpool has long been a major port, renowned for its transportation and infrastructure. This has resulted in Liverpool having a diverse population from around the world. In 2011 Liverpool had a population of approximately 446,000 which has since almost doubled to approximately 880,000. A staggering 42% of Liverpool’s population is below the age of 30, meaning the city has a younger population than England’s average.

Connectivity, Regeneration and Tourism Potential

Cranes have long become a feature of Liverpool’s skyline with the city being transformed into a leading business destination with its endless regeneration programme. Some of the biggest regeneration projects include; Liverpool Waters, Knowledge Quarter and bettering the roads of the city.

Liverpool Waters is a 30-year vision to transform Liverpool’s historic docklands by regenerating the 60-hectare stretch. The regeneration of the docks is set to create a high-quality, mixed-use waterfront. Liverpool Waters will be divided into 5 unique neighbourhoods; Princess Dock (residential developments, office space, cruise liner terminal, hotels and leisure facilities), Central Dock (residential, business, entertainment and leisure), Clearance Dock, Bramley Moore Dock and King Edward Rise.

The Knowledge Quarter is being transformed into a vibrant area offering; shops, offices, bars, restaurants and university spaces. This regeneration is currently already underway, with the expectation of creating more jobs, education and more investment opportunities. The Knowledge Quarter will also see the development of Paddington Village, which will create the educational mix of the Knowledge Quarter.

Liverpool has also planned to transform the connectivity of the city by improving the roads. They have planed £250 million to improve the roads to make the city a better place to live, work and visit. These improvements will cover; resurfacing, junction improvements, new pavements, new traffic lights and priorities pedestrians and cyclists.

Through improving the connectivity and regenerating the city, Liverpool is set to see an increase in tourism. Liverpool is one of the most visited cities with approximately 54 million attracted to the city each year. This has resulted in the tourist sector of Liverpool currently being worth more than £3.8 billion, which is set to increase once the cruise liner and connectivity of roads are completed.

For more more detailed information on the regeneration areas in Liverpool, take a look at one of our most recent articles here.

Liverpool’s Buy-To-Let Investment Market

Investors are continuously attracted to the North due to them being able to achieve relatively high yields but at a lower entry price than the South. In 2017 Liverpool was crowned as the best city for its highest yields and best buy-to-let investment options.

The demand for homes in the city centre is continuing to rise and with the population increase, housing and rental prices are constantly being increased. Rent in 2016 found a 4.4% increase with house prices increasing up to 22.7% and apartments increasing to more than 25%.

Liverpool’s Student Property Investment

Unlike the decline buy-to-let found after Brexit, student accommodation has continued to attract investors. The student sector is highly demanded, especially in the North West, from investors due excellent yields generated from low entry prices.

Liverpool is continuing to attract students and young professionals to the city, making student property investment a key market sector for investors in Liverpool. The University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moors attract over 70,000 students to the city, meaning student accommodation is highly demanded with no signs of slowing down.

Economic Strength

Liverpool has created a strong economy with a mix of business and income sectors. Despite continuing to redevelop the city, Liverpool is proud of its history and culture which has overall made it one of the most appealing cities in the UK.

Liverpool is continuing to undergo redevelopment to help secure the cities future economic growth. The continuous redevelopment is expected to increase the demand of housing within the city with prices increasing by 22.8% between 2017 and 2021.

Why You Should Consider Investing In Liverpool

Liverpool is fast becoming a hotspot for investment opportunities and its strong economy. The universities are continuously helping the employment sector within Liverpool to flourish, with student residence wanting to stay in the city and pursue their career further. This will also see an increase in house and rental prices, as young professionals will want to live amongst the hustle and bustle of the centre.

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