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Sawari Marina Development – off-plan property in The Sahl Hasheesh

Published: 1st September 2012

Sawari Marina Development – off-plan property in The Sahl Hasheesh

If you are considering purchasing property in the Sahl Hasheesh and looking for off plan opportunities for either lifestyle or investment, it is often advisable to purchase at the pre-launch stage. Buying off-plan at the earliest phases of planning and construction. Usually at this ‘early-bird’ stage you can secure the best available units at the lowest price.

The latest pre-launch off plan opportunity is the Sawari Marina development. Marina developments always attract both the lifestyle buyer and the experienced investor. Although a few years from the phase one delivery, The Sawari looks an interesting opportunity.

Historically, you would witness increases in the price as you near to completion, traditionally presenting an opportunity of securing a short term profit. Some investors would crystallise their assets by re-selling or ‘flipping’ their investment prior to the completion of the development.

More serious investors having immediate equity, will take a medium to long term investment view by holding onto their latest off plan addition and increase their Overseas property portfolio, usually renting for either short summer holiday lettings or long term tenants.

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