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Ryanair Reports Increase In Number Of Passengers To Spain

Published: 9th September 2013

Despite the considerable impacts of the global economic downturn, it seems Spain is maintaining its popularity amongst UK and Irish travellers, with Ryanair reporting almost 3.8 million passengers to Spain in July alone.

Ryanair's figures represent an increase of over 800,000 passengers from the same period last year, with large visitor increases being seen in destinations including Barcelona, Palma, Alicante and Gran Canaria. With Spain reporting 1.4 million visitors in July, Ryanairs figures suggest that over 50% of all visitors to Spain in July where transported by the low cost airline.

“Ryanair traffic grew by 25% in July in Spain, bringing 800,000 of the 1.4 million total increase in passengers which occurred over all Spanish airports last month. Ryanair’s low fares in Spain account for a higher growth than all the other airlines put together” said the company spokesman, Stephen McNamara.

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