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Report Highlights 'Dire' Housing Situation For Students In Manchester

A report has highlighted the 'dire' situation facing students seeking accommodation during their students in Manchester this year. The report, released by StuRents stated that there were over 4,000 more students than available rooms in the city this year. 

Mark Burns | 23rd November 2022

A new report by a leading student property expert has exposed the severe shortage of student housing available throughout the city, stating that the 'dire' situation in the city is only set to get worse over the coming years, as increasing numbers of students apply to study in the city, and higher numbers of private landlords chose to sell buy to let properties which have traditionally proven popular with students in Manchester.

The report, which was covered in detail recently in the local Manchester Evening News, stated that at present there were more than 4,000 more students than rooms available in halls of residence, shared houses and private purpose-built student accommodation. These figures represent a deficit of 7% on required available student properties throughout Manchester. In the report, Michael Rainsford, co-founder at StuRents highlighted the desperate situation many students now faced when applying for places at the city's leading universities.

The shortage of available housing stock in Manchester follows from similar reports on the shortage of available student properties in other leading UK student cities including Glasgow and Nottingham amongst others.

This shortage of available student property is down to a combination of factors including rising student applications (last year saw an increase of 8% in UK student applications) and increasing numbers of private landlords choosing to sell traditional buy-to-let properties due to increasing costs and legislation.

Ultimately, this has resulted in an increase in the rents being charged to students in the more popular student locations such as Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Liverpool and Leeds. In particular, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for places in private halls of residence this year, with many student management companies reporting full occupancy levels far earlier than in previous years.

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