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Removal Of Caps Could lead To UK University Admissions Rise In 2013

Published: 5th June 2013

Removal Of Caps Could lead To UK University Admissions Rise In 2013

Last year, the government exercised their discretion and removed the admissions cap from UK universities. Whereas there were previous ceilings on how many students that universities could accept within their ranks, this has now been revised and universities can now take on as many students as they like; provided that the applicants have achieved at least AAB in their A-Levels.

For the 2013 recruitment, universities can look forward to having these controls relaxed even further still; allowing them to accept an unlimited number of candidates with grades as low as ABB. Many see this as a driver towards allowing the prestigious Russell Group Universities to propel their numbers and admit the growing amount of intelligent applicants.

With a better chance of gaining a place at the higher class universities, student applications are set to rise even further in 2013; driving the student property investment market forward even still. For the 2013/14 academic year, UCAS have noted a significant rise of 3.5% in applications. In addition to this, universities can also look forward to more than 4 billion pounds worth of budget allocation in 2013/14, according to the Higher Education Funding Council for England.

The relaxed controls and increased funding has helped to allay worries that the dramatic increase in tuition fears would have a detrimental effect on student applications. Those seeking private student accommodation will continue to rise, driving the student property boom forward without any signs of letting up.

The student property market completely obliterating other housing markets in 2012, returning 9.6% in 2012; office languishing at 4.4% and retail at 2.2%. Investment in student property enjoyed a 125% increase, an outstanding £2.7 billion.

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