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Property in Fethiye - Investing in Turkey

Published: 31st October 2014

Located in the Mugla district of Turkey, the modern day city of Fethiye is in fact located on the site of the historical city of Telmessos. One of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, over 50% of the town’s population is employed within its rapidly expanding tourist industry. A real beach lover’s paradise, Fethiye offers over 3 kilometres of superb beaches, which are home to a wide variety of water sports and other activities.

Situated in Turkey's picturesque Mugla region, the town of Fethiye is quickly becoming one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations, with large numbers of visitors keen to experience Fethiye's stunning stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and superb climate. In fact, such is the growth of the numbers of tourists to Fethiye, that today over half the town's population is employed within it's rapidly expanding tourism industry. A genuine beach lovers paradise, the region has over 3 km's of beautiful beaches at its disposal, which are home to a wide variety of watersports including fishing, water-skiing and sailing.

The modern day city of Fethiye, is also richly endowed with historical significance, being situated on the site of the ancient city of Telmessos. Alongside the beautiful beaches and modern resorts and hotels can be found a wide range of historical sites and ancient ruins. Dating back as far the 4th century BC, the ruins and ancient rock tombs offer a facinating insight into the rich history of this part of Turkey.

Recent fluctuations in currency throughout the Eurozone has meant that Turkey has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, as tourist look to capitalise on the lower prices for visiting the region. In fact, for the first six months of 2008, Fethiye saw an increase of over 15% in tourist visitors, a figure which is expected to increase still further in 2009.

Alongside the rapid expansion in tourist visitors to the region, the demand for property in Fethiye has increased considerably over the past twelve months, as investors and people looking for a long term holiday home look to capitalise on the lower price of property in Turkey. Today a number of luxury developments are being carried out throughout the Fethiye region, offering a wide selection of accomodation options ranging from studio apartments through to spacious villas.

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