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New Report Shows Increased Demand For Rental Property In The UK

Published: 31st March 2020

New Report Shows Increased Demand For Rental Property In The UK

A new report out today from ARLA Propertymark has revealed that last month saw a record demand for rental accommodation across the UK property market.

Whilst the data was gathered prior to the current Coronavirus pandemic, it is further evidence that the UK property market was on a positive trend, and bodes well for a potential recovery once the pandemic has passed.

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The report data for February showed the number of new tenants registered averaged 88 per branch, reflecting a year on year increase in excess of 25% (the average figure per branch for February 2019 was 65).

According to the ARLA Propertymark data, the average estate agency branch now managed 201 properties, an increase from 191 in December 2019.

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