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Manchester Named Top City For Investment

Published: 3rd August 2016

Manchester Named Top City For Investment

HSBC 2015 survey has shown that the Northern city offers some of the best yields in the country with approximately 26% of the population now renting in Manchester. With this not being the first time Manchester has been given this title and the rental yields showing no signs of decreasing, the city is expected to gain the title again. This is due to the northern city continuing to offer investors the highest yields from 2010 to 2016 within the country.

As a result of Manchester being recognised as the city which offers investors the biggest yields, properties have now become highly demanded. The postal code of the northern city has topped all lists within England and Wales. Statistics have also shown that a staggering 26% of the population now live within the private rental sector. This means the demand is continuing to exceed the property supply Manchester currently has to offer.

With the average rental returns in Manchester being 6.8% between 2010 and 2016, the northern city has now become the most profitable city for investors. Alongside the falling pound and the demand continuing to outpace the supply, it is a perfect opportunity for investors to take advantage.

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