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International Investors Showing Interest In UK Regional Property

Published: 13th March 2017

International Investors Showing Interest In UK Regional Property

Overseas investors are taking advantage of the current sterling instability, with 45% of UK commercial investment coming from overseas buyers in 2016.

A Knight Frank report showed UK’s regional commercial property sector in 2016, was driven from international investors having interest outside of London. This is seen through a staggering £1.1 billion was invested by overseas buyers in 2016, showing an overall 10% growth in the sector year-on-year

Statistics have shown a 50% increase in January for enquiries in the residential real estate sector for Manchester from Chinese investors. Likewise, commercial investment was recorded at its highest in 2016 in Edinburgh, Bristol and Sheffield.

Despite the volume of domestic buyers falling, the UK has seen a dramatic increase in international buyers. This increase was seen after the falling of the pound from the European Union Referendum, with it hitting a 31-year low.

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