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Bristol Looks Promising For Student Property Investment

Published: 6th August 2013

Bristol Looks Promising For Student Property Investment

With student property investment offering such lucrative returns throughout the UK, it’s no surprise to see investors jumping at the chance to purchase up and down the country.

New research has revealed that Bristol may be one of the strongest candidates for the top performer in student accommodation, owing to a large student population and high demand for dwellings.

Property expert Savills have studied and tabled university cities throughout the UK and ranked the demand for student properties, with Bristol coming in the upper percentiles. Other cities included in this ‘First’ category include St. Andrews (Scotland), London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Edinburgh and Brighton. The following category includes Durham, Glasgow, Sheffield, York and Manchester.

Bristol and the suburbs surrounding the city have been popular choices for property developers in recent years, as university numbers increase. The University of Bristol and the University of the West of England (UWE) have a combined student population of more than 45,000.

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