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Brexit Creating Opportunities For Property Investors

Published: 12th August 2016

Brexit Creating Opportunities For Property Investors

The result of Brexit has created a window of opportunity; which investors should move quickly to take advantage of the current market. This is due to the sterling falling 12% against the dollar, meaning investors can obtain property across the UK for a lot less.

So far in 2016 there has been a growth of 5.7% in projections, which is just slightly below the 8% growth in 2015. However, investors will still be able to see the value of their assets rise.

Figures have shown during 12th June and 9th July, new sellers were asking for an average of £307,824 for their homes. This is an overall drop of 0.9% or £2,647 on the previous four weeks. Property prices have increase by a staggering £6,000 since the result of the Brexit, though investors are still able to acquire good valued property across the country at lower cost.

Overall, the Brexit has driven a large number of international investors to add more UK properties to their investment portfolio. This is due to the UK’s real estate marketing being the most affordable it’s been in a generation.

With international investors have already starting to take advantage of the falling pound. If you would like to take a look at our portfolio of properties for sale in the UK, email today on; enquiries@pureinvestor.co.uk or call 0161 337 3890.

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