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Property Investment in Walsall

Investors who are keen to find new potential on the market should certainly consider the possibility of buying up property in Walsall. New reports and plans for the city reveal that a lot of capital is being injected into the area to ensure that it becomes a more desirable place to live. Particularly, for those who want to be part of the growing economy in Birmingham. Walsall is within the perfect distance from Birmingham city centre, and with new developments, it could become popular with a range of different people who are buying or renting homes.

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These developments will bring fresh interest from businesses eager to move away from the expensive areas of Birmingham to more cost friendly locations surrounding the city. The increase in jobs will greatly boost the economy in Walsall and will encourage more companies to relocate there. By investing in Walsall over the next few years, you can take advantage of the revitalization of this area, buying property in a location where demand is expected to rise significantly.

In 2008 plans were approved to build a hi-tech business quarter in the centre of Walsall. The Gigaport corridor development began construction in 2014 and is still not finished. However, it has brought thousands of jobs into the town and will make it attractive for new start-ups as well as entrepreneurs with a wealth of office space.

Walsall has always been a black country town with a vibrant and rich heritage in manufacturing. However, it’s clear that there is now a refocus on bringing the location into the 21st century with the aim of revitalizing the area.

There is already a lot of support for these developments. This year, it was announced that Cordwall Leisure is planning to build a mixed-use property within the 400 million pound Gigaport corridor. Mixed use schemes have become more popular recently. Usually this is one area or building in a development that often has a range of purposes. On the ground floor, there could be shops, above these offices and on the higher floors residential properties.

The Gigaport corridor development isn’t the only area of Walsall where plans are in place to bring in new life. Cordwall Leisure are also planning to build a £9 million development in a forgotten area of the town, close to the college. The new development will bring various different types of buildings to the area including a Travel Lodge hotel. It is strongly expected that the continued development of this area will bring in new interest and money into the town, including from the tourism industry.

Traffic and congestion are becoming a major issue in urban areas with the number of cars on the road increasing every year. However, in Walsall, there are plans afoot to change this. As part of a major plan for all areas surrounding Birmingham, roads in Walsall with receive upgrades to improve levels of congestion and ensure that it is a more attractive place to live.

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