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Property Investment in Moseley

Moseley is an up and coming town, a beautiful suburb outside of Birmingham. People visiting the town will almost certainly take note of the stunning architecture, remnants of a past when Moseley was where business owners use to live, not too far from their city factories. These days, of course, there is a more modern appeal to the town, making it the perfect place for families, business workers and naturally investors. But why have investment experts and advisors now set their sites on Moseley?

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On a good day, Moseley is only around ten to twenty minutes from the centre of Birmingham. Birmingham is experiencing a wonderful growth spurt at the moment with new job opportunities and exciting infrastructure developments. As such, people will be looking for places close by to move to that are an easy commute. They will find that Moseley is a near perfect option. But what about future possibilities?

When the HS2 is inevitably built, Birmingham will be a mere 49-minute train ride away from London. This will make the second biggest city of the UK the perfect spot for commuters. However, many won’t want to live deep in the heart of Birmingham. Instead, they’ll choose one of the suburbs, and Moseley will quickly become one of the most desirable locations. Home prices will soar, and early investors will be able to turn a massive profit. However, Moseley is already an attractive option for home buyers.

One of the main concerns for new couples when looking for a place to live will be schooling. They want to make sure that they live in a catchment area that gives them access to the best schools in the UK. Moseley delivers here with primary schools like Monica Catholic and secondary schools such as Fox Hollies being rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

One of the aspects of Moseley that will be most attractive to potential buyers is the community spirit. Moseley can best be described as a tightly knit area where, despite the growing population everyone feels connected. As such, it is an easy sell for new families looking for their first home. However, it also has a lot of potential for those who are looking to invest in luxury properties either for rent or for sale. There are huge detached houses that can be bought here for up to £1m.

Finally, Moseley is primed to be the perfect place to live for people of various cultures and backgrounds. There are a number of fine restaurants and places for entertainment as well as the local farmers market and arts market that is on each Saturday at the end of the month. Eager buyers and renters will certainly be able to find something that fits their preferences here, and for those looking for the nightlife, there are plenty of pubs and bars too.

With a thriving community and a lot of potential for buyers and renters, Moseley is an ideal place for new property investors.

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