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Property Investment in Dudley

Birmingham and the surrounding areas are providing fresh prospects for property investors. Birmingham has seen huge developments in its economy recently and this year house price rises increased beyond homes in London. If you’re looking for an area to invest in outside of the centre of the city, Dudley could be the perfect option. Dudley is one of the black country towns in the suburbs of Birmingham. It is has a rich history in the manufacturing industry and there are a number of reasons why it is the ideal location for a new investment.

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Dudley is less than thirty minutes from the Birmingham International Airport and just forty minutes from the city centre. As well as this, Dudley is easy to reach by rail from the North in Manchester and the south in London. But it’s geographical location, and fantastic transport links aren't the only key connection it boasts. It is one of the best areas in the UK for people desperate for super fast internet speeds, making it ideal for families and business owners alike.

There are a number of high profile investments and developments already planned for this location. Millions of pounds are going to be injected into the centre of Dudley to revitalise this area with fresh places to shop, new entertainment complexes and other options aimed to boost tourism.

As well as this, at Brierley Hill, there is already plans in place to further develop the business sector with another million square feet of office space. This should certainly attract interest from new, fresh, young start-ups.

Dudley is the perfect location for students of five separate universities. As such, if you are investing in flats, apartments or any form of alternate student housing, you will definitely find a demand here. A top tip for accessing the demand would be to invest in large Victorian terraced housing. Buying properties big enough for multiple students to rent together makes them more attractive and affordable.

Over the past several months, home prices in Dudley have risen by seven percent. That increase should be a green light for investors looking for an area with great profit potential. With the new developments already planned, the home prices here could rise even further, particularly if the area can attract an artsy crowd of former city dwellers. That might just happen, thanks to the new art exhibits and museums that have opened in recent years.

To put the home prices in perspective Dudley saw an increase on average of just over ten thousand pounds. This means that home prices here are rising at roughly £28 a day.

There are various places in and around Dudley that could bring great gains for investors. However, in general, new buyers should be looking to purchase properties close to the motorways, major transport links and new amenities in developing areas such as the town centre. Four million people visit Dudley every year, so the potential is definitely there to attract new residents to this location.

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